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4Mvideo is a video-based exercise system

where you can go on  'virtual' bike tours with family and friends

- from home

Maybe a bike tour in the countryside






At home or in the gym

4Mvideo app works with a wireless cadence sensor. The sensor, which is mounted on the bicycle pedal, sends bicycle’s activity information to the 4Mvideo app. The video starts, stops and plays according to the pedal’s motion. The system does not require much space when used with a sofa bike or standard exercise bike. It can be used in your own home and it can also be brought to gym.

Online video library

4Mvideo continuously makes new cycling videos available for download from the video library. And videos can even be filmed by friends and family. 4Mvideo will publish the cycling videos for personal or public user after having processed video material, correcting for shake and other quality issues.

Cycling videos are downloaded from the video library and added directly to the 4Mvideo app. Internet connection is only required during download and ride videos can be enjoyed without an internet connection.


Keep track of your exercise

4Mvideo will keep track of your exercise record. By keeping the record of exercise activities, the seniors can stay motivated.

The Danish health authority recommends people over 65 years old to add + 30 minutes of exercise to the daily activities. By using 4Mvideo and keeping track, it is easy to follow this recommendation.

Prices - 4Mvideo

Price for 4Mvideo is comparable to the use of mobile phone. You own your equipments consist of cadence sensor, exercise bike and tablet computer, and you pay a subscription for the use of 4Mvideo.

4Mvideo offers 1, 3, and 12 months subscriptions, and prices from 149, - down to 125 DKK / month including VAT.

The subscriptions allow access to use the 4Mvideo app and video library with the cadence sensor associated with the subscription. The 4Mvideo subscription can be used by anyone in the family, friends included.

The cadence sensor costs DKK 550, - , and training bikes can be purchased on the Internet, starting from around DKK 3 - 400, -. If you do not already have a tablet computer, you can sometimes find good deals on the internet, for under DKK 1,000, -

Watch 4Mvideo


TV or Tablet

4Mvideo basic facts

4Mvideo is designed to make indoor cycling exercise a motivational experience for the whole family.

To watch 4Mvideo on a TV, a projector or a computer monitor, use wireless connection or HDMI adaptor to connect the Tablet computer to the larger monitor.

4Mvideo-app for tablet computers can be downloaded from Google Play and Apple App Store.

English versions coming soon


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