Maybe a bike tour in the countryside






How it works

With an exercise bike, iPad and the 4Mvideo app, you can go on bike rides around Denmark and soon also other countries in Europe.


From the bike ride library, you download the nature and cultural experiences you want to go on from your home on the exercise bike. 


It is a unique way to experience places you like to see - while taking care of your health.


Family and friends can also record and store private cycling videos in the online library making cycling from home even more fun and enjoyable.

 The bike ride library on the internet

We are constantly making new and exciting bike rides for you.


But you can also get friends and family to make bike rides for you - and your biking friends.


A personal bike ride video is a fantastic gift where you can share your personal perspective on favourite places.


The bike rides are downloaded from the bike ride library on the internet.


Exiting, Enjoyable, Informative -

And Not least..... Healthy!


There are lots of good reasons to experience your favorite places on bike rides at home. Better health is also one of them.

Therefore, with 4Mvideo you can also keep an eye on how active you are.


We usually say - the more you places you visit on your bike the more quality of life you get in your everyday life.

What does is cost


Bike riding with 4Mvideo works as a subscription where you get access to our entire library of beautiful bike rides.


We are constantly adding new tours.


With the subscription, you also get access for family and friends to make personal trips for you.


In addition to the exercise bike, you need the pedal sensor, which connects to the bike ride app and sends information about how fast you are pedaling.  


Prices (in Denmark) incl. VAT:


* Subscription: EUR 15 / month

* Pedal sensor: EUR 70

Biking tours on your TV

Enjoy the rides on your TV Screen


With the bike ride app, it is also possible to experience scenary on your TV screen.


Our bike ride app can connect to your TV wirelessly or by cable (HDMI).





Want to try a free ride ?

Download the app for the Apple iPad in the App Store


or on Google Play for another type of tablet (Samsung for example)